Monday, 23 February 2009

What I miss about Minnesota

Number one thing I miss are the people!!! All my friends and loved ones. I miss being a part of their lives. That's what I miss the most.

The rest are in no particular order.

*Tater tot hot dish and all my favorite foods
*Going to happy hour with friends and past co-workers
*Hot fudge sundaes at Snuffys
*Grain Belt Beer
*The Spyhouse
*The Lakes, especially Lake of the Isles
*Jasmine Deli
*Knowing where everything is
*Shopping for books at Half Price Books in Highland Park
*Chilly fall afternoons
*Egg nog lattes
*Winter - except for the freezing weather, but I love doing winter things
*Soap Factory
*Sushi happy hour at Fuji-ya
*The Walker
*Bryant Lake Bowl
*Riverview movie theater
*Minnehaha Falls
*Riding bikes around the lakes at night in the summer
*The Green Way
*Going out for breakfast at the Sunny Side
*Pizza Luce block party
*Movies and music in the Park
*Nordeast Minneapolis Bars
*Downtown Minneapolis and St.Paul public libraries
*The Convention Grill
*Patty Melts from Currans
*Cafe Latte
*Radio K
*Witch hat tower
*Hennipen Avenue bridge
*Summit Avenue
*Aveda Institute for cheap facials
*Going to the lake and up north
*Super hot summers
*Sitting on the dock at Lake Harriet
*How nice people generally are
*City Pages
*The Wedge - cold press shakes at the juice bar
*Red Dragon
*Garage sales
*Going thrifting
*Living in a city where I am surrounded by memories
*The smell of dryer sheets coming from people's houses
*The Grand Old Creamery
*Art a Whirl and the St.Paul art crawl
*The sweet call of our state bird the Loon
*Candy Land sweet shop, St.Paul location
*Roller skating at Roller Garden
*Putting pennies on the railroad track behind Popular Front
*Karaoke at the Otter
*Drive in movies
*The State Fair
*Dairy Queen
*Hot dogs
*Estetica Salon
*Lake Wobegon
*All the great small art galleries
*Road trips
*The farmers market
*Skyway system
*Winter carnival
*Owning at one point 12 coats
*Driving on the right side of the road
*Pantages theater
*Ballet of the dolls
*The Modern Cafe

just to name a few, but really it's all of my friends, loved ones and people that were part of my life that I miss the most.


  1. Stone arch bridge!

    And I used to get my hairs cut at Estetica too. And then go across the street and sit in the bar at Frost for hours...

    You sound homesick!

  2. The Stone Arch bridge for sure! And Nye's :)

    I used to work at Estetica as a receptionist for about a year or more. 2001-2002ish time frame. I love the Cathedral Hill area. It's funny I would do the same things, get my hair cut and get a great brow wax from Anne Marie and then I would go over to Frost. My parents met there and it's always held a special meaning for me.

    It was great to see your post! It put me in a good mood to know that there is someone else here who appreciated the same things in MN.


  3. I miss those things too. :( Although I will admit to being more of an Egg & I girl, myself, since the demise of the great A & J Gem Cafe on...Minnehaha? I may be dating myself with this comment!

  4. I don't know the A&J Gem, but the Egg and I is a good one too. I just love getting one slice of the railroad french toast at the Sunny Side!


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