Friday, 6 February 2009

I had my firt Snog and I liked it.

I am a sucker for anyplace that looks cute or has great design. I walked past this little frozen yogurt place , called Snog, in South Kensington a few months ago, but didn't have time to go in. So when I found myself in that part of town last week with Matthew I decided to pop in and try it. First of all it's just super cute looking. It's a small little shop that has a very sleek minimalist style with bright color. The name and the place is extremely eye catching.

They serve organic frozen yogurt. They have a pretty simple menu, either vanilla or green tea frozen yogurt, and then you add toppings. I had a green tea with pineapple. The only draw back for me was that it actually kind of tastes like sour yogurt, a very different taste to American frozen yogurt. It wasn't bad and I would go back and try the vanilla.

I love their website. It's just cute and fun. Like the shop, a great brand experience. I love design so much that I am willing to forget the part about not absolutely loving the product.

I just loved the design of the menu, interior space, and their promotional materials. I liked the little labels that put on the yogurt cups and the cheeky language they use about snogging. For my friends in the States a snog and snogging is defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

Making out with all the trimmings. Know as being a common term among the Brits.
Contrary to popular American belief, snogging is just kissing- not full on lurve action. Full on kissing, yes- but a snog does not define any other sexual act.

examples : I got a little snog off him at the end of the night. Lets get back to snogging, i prefer it over your talking. My parents are out, wanna snog?

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  1. Ha ha I must go to this place and check it out! They had a similar one of these in Brazil when I was there a few months ago but have not stumbled across one in England!


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