Sunday, 15 February 2009

We have a visitor

Matthew and I have a house guest and I am very happy about it. Vance McDermott is a friend of a friend who is traveling the world for the next six months. How cool is that? Like a good lad he's keeping a blog of his travels. He's from a suburb outside of San Francisco. Vance is a nice guy and a very good house guest. If anyone out there is interested in hosting him for a night or two on their couch let me know.

We picked him on Friday night from the Marble Arch bus station and then took him for a night drive around London. Driving around London at two in the morning is wonderful. We went by Big Ben and Buckingham palace and over to Camden, just a nice drive around. On Saturday we took him with us to Stratford upon Avon for the day. I had always wanted to go there and have a look where Shakespeare used to kick around. We went to the Holy Trinity Church to see where Shakespeare was buried, it was a beautiful church with a nice old graveyard. After our sightseeing walk we found a couple of good pubs to stop and have some pints. When we got back to London we took Vance to a few pubs in our neighborhood including the infamous Walkabout, which is an Aussie bar. Vance is an Aussie/American so we thought he should check it out and see the mayhem for himself. We saw a fight break out and a girl who got a drink poured over her.

It's really nice to be able to help another person out. I am happy to have him stay with us and make him feel comfortable. It's good karma. I would have liked it when I was traveling around so I am more than happy to do it for others. I think it's pretty inspiring that this 21 year old has decided to go and travel for six months and see the world.

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