Monday, 23 February 2009

What I love about living in London

A list of things I love in London, it's a pretty amazing city.

*My husband Matthew first and foremost.

The rest in no particular order.

*Matthew's family
*Our flatmate Wayland
*Shoreditch nights
*Going for a Brick Lane curry
*My electric kettle and instant coffee
*M&S nibbles at any family get together
*Always being offered a coffee or tea when arriving at someones house
*Fantastic old movie theaters
*The way English people talk
*British slang
*Alan Partridge
*Peep Show
*Going to see live comedy
*Double decker buses
*Heinz beans
*Cream teas
*People doing really outrageous creative things
*Bethnal Green Workings Man Club
*Sunday Up Market
*Museum of Childhood
*Science Museum
*Tate, modern and Britian
*Running around the city
*English tapas, aka crisps
*There is always something to do, always
*Great bands playing all the time
*Mr. Whippy
*Great design
*Primrose Hill Bakery
*The English country side
*Traveling from London to Europe
*Being able to have people stay with us
*Free newspapers, London Lite, Metro
*The tube
*Jacket potatoes
*Wearing wellies on a rainy day
*Amazing cars
*Loads of celebrity gossip magazines
*Food halls, especially Waitrose
*Luxury food hampers
*Radio programs on radio 4
*Sunday roast dinners
*Sweet popcorn when you go and see a film (not a movie)
*All the amazing people I've met through message boards and this blog
*Generic chocolate biscuits from Sainsburys
*Gin and tonics in a can
*British lemonade (here it's like Sprite)
*Hammersmith bridge
*Meeting Adam for lunch at the Diner
*Slowly feeling like I know my way around
*Flowers for sale everywhere
*Neighborhood butcher shops
*Little kids on scooters
*3 for 2 at Boots

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