Thursday, 26 February 2009

A day off on Tuesday

I decided to take a day off on Tuesday. A day off from searching for jobs, cleaning my flat and worrying about the economy. I wanted to get out and do something to take my mind off it all. I sent an email to a girl I met a few months back to see if she wanted to go for a coffee and to a movie. My friend Tracy, the one who was so kind to send out the FB message requesting contacts for me, had put me in touch with her. They used to work with at Yamamoto Moss together.

She said she could met up and we decided to see the 4 o'clock showing of Vicky Christina Barcelona. We went to go see the movie at the Notting Hill Coronet.

I really like that theater. I had been there once before to see Revolutionary Road. The theater has two screens, although I have only been to one. It's an elegant old theater with two balcony levels. It's not very far from my house and on Tuesdays all movies are 3.50. They also serve sweet popcorn, like kettle corn. It's delicious. I am usually a big fan of salted popcorn with peanut M&Ms dropped in, but it's not the same here so I've gone with something else entirely.

We were going to have a coffee before the movie and I got to Notting Hill a little early and had a look in a few of the used bookshops. I was in the market for a good book to read, something fun. I ended up with a copy of Madonna's biography. It was only 3 quid and I love a rags to riches story. There's nothing I like better than the story of a self made person. I picked up the book and went over to the coffee shop to wait.

Sitting there in that coffee shop, drinking a cappuccino and reading that book was pure bliss. My friend showed and we had a chat and then headed over to the movie. I will also add that despite it not being sunny out, surprise, it was very warm. Spring is definitely in the air.

I won't go and on and on with a review of the movie other than I really liked it. In case anyone hasn't seen it. I loved that it was set in Barcelona. I went there for my 30th birthday and loved being there. I sat in the darkness of the theater wondering why in the heck am I living in England, I should be in Spain. Wearing fabulous sunglasses, driving a convertible and drinking wine all day!

The best thing about that afternoon was that it felt normal. To be going out and meeting a friend, buying a book and watching a movie. As I was walking home it struck me that this is where I live. This is really my neighborhood and I felt a part of the city. It was a good feeling.

**Photos are from my birthday trip to Barcelona

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