Monday, 9 February 2009

Creative Careers Job Hunting Workshop

Last Friday I attended a creative careers job hunting workshop put on by the University of Arts London. It was a good workshop. My objective for going was to see if there were going to be any UK specific tips and just to keep up the  motivation. 

I would say that there were about 60 students and graduates at the event. It was good information, nothing new as far as job hunting goes. I liked being able to meet other students who were looking for jobs and finding out what their experience has been like. 

It was a very interactive workshop and there were a lot of small exercises that you did with a partner. We talked about job hunting methods, practiced our elevator pitch and shared ideas. 

I would say it was worth going to just for the support and motivation. The London University of Arts has a new website to help students which I thought was cool. They seem to do offer a lot of support and services to their students. Have a look at their Creative Living website.

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