Friday, 13 March 2009

How random is that

Now here's a random thing that happened today.

I bought this Dr Stuarts detox tea the other day. I was in the market for a good detoxifying brew and when I saw the packaging that Dr Stuart was offering up I was sold. I love great design and this packaging is just delightful. Just as I was putting it in my basket, Matthew came over and wanted to have a look. He was a bit shocked when he saw the price (1.89) and wanted to know why I didn't buy a cheaper one. I think I could have gotten something similar for a pound. 

To me the answer was simple. I liked the way this one looked. After studying a bit of marketing I realize that good packaging and a premium price doesn't always mean that the product is superior, but I felt confident that Dr Stuart wasn't going to let me down. The design made me happy, I thought it was cute and clever, it was going to look great on the counter, it would make drinking a detox tea fun and exciting. I was more the happy to open my wallet.

The random part comes in when I found out that a friend of mine in London, Tiffany, had actually worked on the team that designed the packaging. I had posted the photo on FB, saying that I liked it and I was drinking it, and she posted a comment informing me of her involvement.

 How crazy is that? I met Tiffany through my friend Tracy. Tracy and TIffany worked together at Yamamotto Moss. Tiffany, who is from Sweden, went to college at Macalester and she's been living in London for four years. I met Tracy when I did an internship with her in Texas. It's a small world! Anyway, that's my little random story. The tea is great, I don't know if they have it in the States. I will bring some back for you all to try.

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  1. Sorry to be slow here, but I don't quite get the picture. A woman who feels her life is reduced to being a washing machine, and needs the tea to relax and re-find herself?

    At least her washing machine is a European front-loader!


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