Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Have I joined a cult?

Ok, this has been up for like forever. Here's the scoop. I happen to be a lover of self help books and self improvement, personal development and all that jazz. So, looking for a job and not finding one has not been the greatest experience and I decided to reach out and join a Meet Up group.

The Meet Up group was about the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. I thought a bit of positive thinking couldn't hurt. I went along to it and it was a good group of people, I liked it. It's always nice to do something social. Then at the next meeting a woman showed up to talk about a book. I remember the facilitator saying something about it, but I thought she was just going to be some kind of guest speaker. Instead she was there to tell us about a book called We Were All Born Rich and that she was going to be leading a book study group for 20 pounds.

I have to say I was a bit weirded out about it. The woman was very full of energy and seemed nice enough. It just seemed a bit too pyramid schemeish to me. I was just put off by it. Apparently the author of the book Bob Proctor is some kind of self made guru and you can buy these life coaching kits for 200 pounds. Join the network of millions of people changing their lives right now and all that.

I found this to be really funny. The woman was saying that we might meet once a month and then do a teleconference. A gentleman next to me asked her how that would work. She explained that she would give people in the group a number to call in on and then you enter a code. He asked if it would cost anything to do this. Instead of giving him a straight answer she told him that it would cost him more not to do it.

I couldn't believe that she said that. How corny and salespersonish of her. I wanted to puke. Anyway long story short, I didn't join the book club. I did download the book for free online and gave it a read. Not too bad, but I am just not the kind of person to get all jazzed up about it. Anyway. I appreciated the woman's enthusiasm, I'll give her that!

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