Monday, 7 May 2012

London Tweed Run 2012

Source: via Rhea on Pinterest

I LOVE this concept. I wasn't able to get a spot on the Tweed Run this year, but I lived vicariously through photos and blog posts.

Could you imagine anything better than seeing a group of lads and ladies dressed in their finest tweed cycling through town on vintage bikes?

It looks like there's a Tweed Run in NYC and Italy, but not Minneapolis...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Marks and Spencers Pinterest board

Source: via Rhea on Pinterest

To share with all my friends back in America I've started a British Food packaging board on Pinterest. I absolutely love all this Diamond Jubilee packaging!

Marks and Spencers

I could write endless posts about how much I love Marks and Spencer's food hall. The packaging design is so lovely. It is certainly one of my favourite things about living in England, being able to shop in M&S food hall.

Whenever I travel I like to look in the local grocery stores and see different styles of food packaging and it's no different here in London. I have been known to wander around the aisles in M&S taking photos. 

At the moment they have some fantastic packaging for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I was looking for some images of that to share when I stumbled upon the website of Debbie Powell who is a packaging designer who has done work not only for M&S, but also Tesco, Jamie Oliver and Carluccios. I love her style of illustration, have a look at her site. There's a link on the site to her blog and that's filled with lovely images.

So this post has turned into a bit of a M&S packaging design round up.I found out that a chap called Stuart Kolakovic was the designer of my favourite tea packaging. His website is full of gorgeous illustrations.

Debbie Powell Giant Pretzels (a personal favourite)
Debbie Powell Queen's Diamond Jubilee tin

Kate Forrester's Queen's Diamond Jubilee tin

Stuart Kolakvoic tea packaging

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