Friday, 6 March 2009

Getting a vintage haircut

Nina's Hair Parlour

Heads Up

Nina's Hair Parlour, the UK's first (and only) vintage hair salon, has opened the doors of its new location nestled beside Alfie's Antique Market in North West London. But this is no bland chain-salon experience - between Nina's four walls visitors will find a retro haven of original 50s chairs and mounted dryers, where Victory rolls and full-on beehives are the order of the day. Now home to a barber and make-up artist, the brainchild of 'head dresser' Nina also offers classes on how to get the shampoo-and-set look at home. From £35, at Nina's Hair Parlour, 13, Church Street NW8 8DT

Amy Stone **article from Vouge UK

I am super excited to be getting my hair cut at Nina's Hair Parlour. I've got an appointment for 10 a.m. tomorrow. The last time I got a haircut was back in November and it was a pretty short cut. It's grown out a bit or for my hair has it's gotten bigger. I am trying to grow it out again so I can do some cool 1950 styles, but it needs help in the meantime. A little shape and style while it grows.

I can't remember how I found Nina's salon. I think I was just looking around online for all things retro and found it. It looks like a really cute place and I look forward to going. I love having my hair cut and going to the salon. I am ready for a cute new look for spring. I've been feeling a bit boring lately so hopefully a cute haircut will make me feel better. I could use a bit of glamour. I'll give a report after I go.

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