Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday Night

Don’t be jealous of others’ success. Jealousy and envy are the enemy of genuine creativity. Wish others well and hope to join them someday.

Failure is part of it. You will be rejected dozens and dozens of times. The best way to prepare for it is to have something else in the works by the time the rejection letter arrives. Invest your hope in the next project. Learning to cope with rejection is a good trait to develop.


I just read that bit a few moments ago. It's from
Po Bronson's website

I have been struggling about whether or not to write about how I've been feeling the past few days. I asked myself should I keep this blog a positive documentation and leave out the unpleasant bits? Or should I open up and be honest? I think the thing I struggle with is feeling negative at all. Should I just strive to appear positive for the sake of having a good attitude?

I am a positive person and most people would say that I have a positive attitude. It's just one of those things I struggle with. Since I've decided to be honest I'll give the update.
I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately and pretty down on myself. The process of looking for jobs in London is stressful. It is exciting, but it's hard work. I spent my four years at MCAD making contacts and getting to know people. I spent time getting to know different agency's. I felt confident that after graduation I would have a job. I knew where to look and who to ask. Here in London I feel lost. There is so much out there and so much research to do be done. Let alone filling out endless applications and writing and rewriting and then rewriting your CV. 
I think I will take a break and start fresh in the morning.

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