Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Morning

There is one common question on most of the advertising graduate scheme application forms. They ask you about the best communications idea you've ever seen. It's hard to answer you know, the best. An example certainly comes to mind. I don't know if it's the best, but it comes to mind which is a good thing for an ad. A while back I think it was in July or early August the soda Lilt ran a bunch of ads on the telly. There were just short spots featuring a parrot and some reggae music. The parrot is apparently mixing it up in a dj style-ee.  They would show a bunch of them in a short span of time. I have to admit that parrot really grew on me. He was a likeable character and he had some moves. I was hooked. Enough so that I did go out and buy a can of Lilt. I had never heard of it before and I generally like citrus flavored pop. I have been drinking it ever since. For what ever reason that advert stays with me, I just mentioned it the other day. It usually happens when I am walking down the street with my husband and I want to stop for a drink. I usually say, Let's stop and have a bit of Lilt, all done in the West Indian parrot accent. It never fails to amuse me, my husband not so much. Advertising credit goes to Mother for coming up with that one. 

I find myself thinking do we have those sort of adverts in the US? The ones that are super short and that play frequently. The first thing that pops into my mind are the car adverts that to me are so stupid. They play at every commercial break and they are usually really short. They generally feature a car just driving off road for a few seconds followed by a man announcing the name of the car. I always thought they were really stupid, unoriginal and boring. On the other hand they might really resonate with its target audience, mainly manly men I would guess. I would never be interested in buying a Chevy truck, even if they had that Lilt parrot in the commercial. It's just interesting to think about. I must say that I do like the advertising in UK better than most American advertising. 

Here are some links if anyone is interested in Lilt.

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