Thursday, 13 November 2008


I never did end up applying for this graduate scheme for the simple reason I had no idea what it was. I also have never heard of them before. I just think that it's only fair to know what you signing on for. According to their website they are an independent advertising and PR agency in London offering campaigns across a broad range of media. Good to know.

I downloaded the application form off the website thinking that all the information might be there, but it wasn't. I went to the Facebook group Advertising Applicants 2009 and posted under the BMB topic to find out if I was missing something. I thought that I just couldn't find the information, which would have been annoying.

No one else knew what was going on so I decided that I phone them up and ask them what was up. I just told them that I wanted to apply for the scheme and I was wondering where I might find some more information about. The man directed me to the website and told me there was a little link in the bottom left hand side. He said to click on it and it would download a form with information. I told him that I had done that but all it was the application. He then asked me what I wanted to know. I told him I wanted to know when it started, what I would be doing, those kind of important details.

The only information I could get was that they were looking for people who they could bring on for long term and that I should go ahead and apply and then if I was accepted I would find out all I needed to know. He wasn't rude, just not very forthcoming.

I decided to say screw it. I am very determined to become an account planner, but I am not going to waste my time on an agency that can't be bothered to provide some simple information.

Check out what Adgrad Blogger, Sam has to say about, it is pretty interesting.... enjoy.

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