Friday, 14 November 2008

D&AD "How the hell did that that get in?"

Last night I went to hear a talk about pieces that made it into the 2008 D&AD annual. It was over at the Slaughtered Lamb. The format was a former judge would go up and talk about some work that made it into the annual and give a little behind the scenes info. Then they spoke about a piece of work that they would like to see make into the 2009 annual. Three judges would get up and speak and then there would be a break and then the next set.

I like to go to these kind of things because I am interested in design and I like to just sit back and observe. It's good to go and listen to how people talk about design. You get new ideas. There were free drinks. One can learn a lot by just being a fly on the wall. It got pretty heated at moments. After the judges were done speaking they opened it up to questions. There were some passionate designers who had something to say. They usually do.

I was up in Manchester last year and had the chance to see the D&AD: The Best Advertising & Design in the World at the Urbis center. It was a great show and the Urbis is a cool place, check it out if you find yourself in Manchester.

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