Monday, 8 February 2010

Social Media Week London

So, this past week was London Social Media week and I went to some events because I am an interested party. The one bit that stood out for me was the presentation given by Caroyln Watt. 

"Carolyn Watt, Founder and Managing Director of Yabber. She had a very interesting presentation on how brands should approach social media marketing. She also gave a nice picture of a potential future of media addiction (well written)." blurb courtesy of Dylan Fuller 
You can find his recap of the event here.  
(I feel a little tiny bit bad about not recapping myself, but it's been a busy week already. I am trying to get everything sorted in my current job for someone to take over while looking for a new job. I feel confident about linking you Dylan's blog, there's a lot of good stuff over there.)

What I liked about it was that this woman, who had considerable experience, came across as down to earth and real. She incorporated a story that she had written which I thought was a nice touch. Caroyln was informative and at the same time was fresh and human. 

Anyway she spoke about how Social Media was about doing "something new".  Now that really resonates with me because that's what I happen to love about it. How it's a bit undefined and you can have fun experimenting with it. I like trying new things and connecting with people, so I find social media a lot of fun.

The phrase "something new" has been a catch phrase of mine for a while now. If someone asks me what I want to do at the weekend or where do I want to go for dinner my response will be "something new". I just like trying new things and seeing what happens. I like experiencing a something new in the real world and online. 

That's my little bit. I found a lot of the talks inspiring and I came away with some good homework assignments.

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