Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Get 'em out

Tonight I was out shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday and I didn't have much luck. It's a weird in between season time, so all the bright bright spring frocks are out. Or there are few left over ones from winter, but they're all so heavy wooly. Time is running out and I am starting to feel a bit panicked.

The thing about shopping in London after work is that if you don't find something were you've decide to shop then it's tough luck. It's not like you just go somewhere else. There's not enough time and the shops close so early. It's not like going from The Mall of America to Southdale.

First off I am bit unsure what to wear to this wedding. I don't think I've gone to one in ages. Also I am not sure how formal it will be, then there's the question of should I wear a hat? I had to phone a few friends to get their English opinions.

I did manage to find a two dresses that I liked, but to my dismay they were so low cut I don't think it would have been appropriate to wear them to a wedding. A piano bar yes, wedding at 1p.m. in the afternoon, no. I would have needed to put a camisole under to cover the girls up, but then it would make the dress less dressy.

I guess I just have to face facts. The girls in London love to get their boobs out. I know Miss Jordan is a bit on the extreme side, but you see mainstream girls wanting to look like this. I certainly saw a few outfits like this on Saturday night in the West End. I've also seen people rocking the fake braid as a headband, or as a sweatband.

What's a sweet simple girl from the Midwest to do? I've got one more shopping day left so I've got to find something or I'll have to give in and go English with my frock.


  1. Get a fascinator and they won't pay any attention to what you are actually wearing with it.

  2. My advice would be to get those bad boys out. Upstage the Bride with your impressive cleavage...

  3. I could definitely pull an Ivers and let them swing free!


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