Monday, 1 February 2010

A cultural day out with Mary


A few weeks ago my friend Mary asked me if I wanted to get together on a Sunday and do something cultural. I thought this sounded like a smashing idea so I confirmed and the date went into the diary.

I thought we might spend a day wandering around a museum or taking a historic walk so I was a bit surprised when I got a text off Mary suggesting that we meet in Camden for a wander round there. 

Well..... I say surprised. I should point out that my nick name for Mary is Mary Irish, Pint Princess! I guess a pub crawl in Camden could be considered cultural by some people's standards.

We had a walk through the market buying trinkets and stopping for snackettes here and there.  We of course found ourselves in a few of the pubs, only the most cultural of pubs of course, and ended the evening by taking in a movie at the Odeon. I could make it more cultural sounding... we went to see a Film at the Oden. I also saw Simon Amstell in the lobby, bonus!


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  1. Of all your blogs, I like this one best. Because it is about me. And masks. And Camden and drinks. And not so much about culture.


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