Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Weekend with family

I had a really nice weekend. Matthew and I drove down to Bognor Regis with his sister Charlotte and her boyfriend Jake. Matthew grew up in Bognor, a little town next to the sea. I like going there for the weekend. Matthew's mum, brothers Thomas (27) and William (16) and nanny live there. As well as some of Matthew's friends from school. We got in on Saturday afternoon and Matthew, Thomas, Wills, and myself went for a lunch in Chichester. I also like Chichester, it's an old Cathedral city and it's very quaint. It was nice having lunch with the boys, it was good to see them and hear what they've been getting up to.

Later that evening Matthew and I went round to Nanny's for a visit. We ended up having a bit of Southern Comfort with Nanny and watching Mama Mia, I know a wild Saturday night.
On Sunday we went with Nanny and Matthew's mum over to a pub called the Cricketers in Bignor a village just about 20 minutes away for lunch. That was nice too. I really like the English tradition of a good Sunday lunch. The pub had a nice fire and there were plenty of people eating and drinking with their dogs by their sides. I love seeing dogs in old country pubs. I like the idea of going for a walk through the fields with your dog and then sitting in a warm pub all afternoon. Call me crazy!

After lunch we went on a little drive through the country and stopped off in the small village of Bury. The photo posted is of the Aran river and we drove our car until we couldn't go anymore and then got out and walked toward this rive. If you looked over your shoulder from the river you saw the church behind you. It was so picturesque. I had forgotten my camera and thankfully I found these photos up on Flickr. After lunch and stopping in Bury I wanted to go by the sea before we went back to the house. I love the seaside and it looked amazing. It was a grey drizzly day and the it was low tide, the water still had the pale aqua color to it. You can walk to the sea front from Matthew's mum's house. It's just a nice place to be. After the short walk on the beach we sat around in the lounge next to a fire.

It was just a nice relaxed weekend with family.
I feel very fortunate that I really love Matthew's family and that I honestly like them. I enjoy spending time with them and I feel very lucky to have them in my life. They are a great group of people and I always have fun when they are around. They have always made me feel welcome and that has always meant a lot to me. Cheers to family!

**photo credit goes to PhillipC on Flickr

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