Monday, 23 February 2009

Email from Matthew

++I love the Nissan Figaro. They are so cool. There is one just like this that is parked around the corner from where I live. I would love to have one. It's a good incentive to pass my test. To think that I could someday drive one!++

Since I have been feeling more confident behind the wheel I thought it would be nice to drive Matthew to the tube station this morning since he was running late. He then sent me this lovely email!

Thank you for the lift this morning –I enjoyed it a lot! But you didn’t indicate out of the petrol station... naughty!!!!!! xx

It made me laugh. In other news I did buy a copy of the Highway Code so I could finally learn the rules of the road. I also had a look through a study guide for taking the the driving theory test. I couldn't believe how thick it was! I have decided to try and take my drivers test before I go back to Minneapolis in May, but it's going to take some serious studying. I just ordered the theory study guide that comes with a dvd and an interactive cd rom.

I met a woman from Somerset this weekend who told me her sister had taken the test seven times and never passed it! If anyone has any tips for me please pass them along, thanks!


  1. If you're nice, maybe fellow expat Sarah will give you a ride in her Figaro

  2. thanks for that! She's got a great blog and a super cute car.


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