Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sucker for a new product

Here's a little known fact about me, I love perfectly groomed eyebrows. I think a pair of brows that are thoughtfully shaped can do wonders. I've always hated grooming them myself. I can't stand tweezing, not because of the pain, just due to laziness. I prefer to have the suckers waxed and let me tell you there is nothing better than having your brows done by a talented esthetician.

When my brows are in check I feel like I can do anything! Back in Minnesota I would have my brows waxed at Estetica salon. I used to work there part time as a receptionist and I highly recommend it. It's a beautiful Aveda salon in the historic Cathedral Hill area of St. Paul. Anne Marie Roe is the best and I always look forward to when I go home for a visit to seeing her. She won best waxer of the year in 2007! I love phoning in from London to make my appointment.

Anyways, I haven't had my brows done yet in London. Mainly because I don't really know where to go. I am a bit skeptical about threading which seems to be the popular method for facial hair removal. I am just not sure it can achieve that same smooth look, but I could be wrong. I should give it a try. If any of you ladies have good things to say about threading leave me a comment or better yet if have your brows waxed by someone you adore let me know where!

So, I've let my brows go a bit....and I decided today to try a home wax kit. I've tried this once before about 9 years ago. The result was pretty disastrous and I ended up loosing one half of an eyebrow. I thought that there might have been advances in home waxing technology so I was confident that it would turn out better. I had to cut the strips into appropriate shapes, but it wasn't too difficult.

I bought these Veet strips at Superdrug about three minutes before they closed. I was looking at another product that was specifically for brows, but the box was a bit battered and dusty and I didn't recognize the brand. Plus you didn't get very many, so I went with the Veet.

I would say that it was a fairly decent experiment. I wasn't able to do too much shaping, but I cleaned up the areas above and below without doing any major damage. Veet also throws in some nicely scented wipes to sooth the skin, which were very nice. Also the fact that you get 20 strips of 3.50 compared with 14 pounds for a wax, I would say it's good value for money!
Happy waxing ladies!


  1. I too am an eyebrow person. Ive been tweezing since I was 12! I wish they'd just stop growing. I celebrate each time I think Ive pulled out a follicle. Ive never tried waxing, not sure why. I guess I worry that I will slap the wax on just a little too far this way or than and get a crooked expression afterwards!! You're very brave!

  2. Good gracious, we've possibly met. I went to Estetica for haircuts for years!

  3. Michelloui - I wish I was a tweezing person, it's just I am too darn lazy. I'll do one brow and then leave the other :)

  4. Review:

    I hated tweezing and wanted an at-home product that was super easy to use and didn't make any mess. I found Parissa wax strips, eyebrow design. These little beauties are teeny-weeny and snuggle into the arch making the rip easy and accurate. Nothing short of brilliant.
    They even worked perfectly on my sister, who has really sensitive skin.

  5. Can I recommend going to Strip on Talbot Rd and Notting Hill. They are THE best waxers, and also do threading. you won't regret it, i promise!

  6. that was supposed to say 'in' notting hill...


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