Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Last Camping Post

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The best part about the weekend is that it felt like the days lasted forever. The campsite was amazing. It's part of an association of campsites in Europe that have a Chateaux on the grounds. I had never been to a campsite like this before. It had this beautiful old Chateaux, a cafe, restaurant, play areas for kids and grown ups, very modern and clean showers and bathrooms, canoes to take out on the small lake, bikes you could rent, a little shop and swimming pools. It was like being at camp! It was so beautiful and peaceful. I feel in love with it. You could hear the little French birds chirping. Oh and there were also chickens!

We set up our tent and I had a little nap! Matthew and I spent the afternoon playing boules and sipping local cider. We also drove into a small town called Honfluer. Honfluer is such a special place. It's a small medieval harbour village and it's is absolutely picturesque. We wandered around a bit before settling in to a cafe along the harbour. It was such a beautiful town.

That night we went to a talk in the Chateaux bar. The woman who runs the campsite now gave a talk about its history. It was fantastic to hear about her life during the war and all the struggles the Chateaux went through. It drew a good sized crowd and she was a good story teller.

Sunday we headed to two other coastal towns that are right next to each other. Deauville and Trouville sur Mer were both nice little towns on the sea. I definitely like Deauville best. We went to the beach for a bit and read the paper, I looked at French magazines and had a nap there. Then we found a great little restaurant where we had wine and moules and frites. It was lovely.

We didn't have to be back to get on the ferry until 9 p.m. so we took the scenic route back. It was just the best weekend I've ever had. It felt like we did so much and it was very relaxing at the same time. I feel so lucky that I am able to head off to France for a camping weekend at a moments notice. France is just so beautiful and the food! I ate a lot of Camembert in the car whilst Matthew was driving!

I am looking forward to many more special weekends with my husband, he's a great traveling companion!

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  1. Normandy is just the best. I'm glad you've discovered it.

    Do you love one aspect that is living in Britain, that you can travel so little and get somewhere so different - either abroad or within Britain? So different from Minneapolis, I imagine.

    We drove 650 miles to get to Colorado last week, and that's honestly our nearest change of scene. I miss a SMALL country!


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