Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My S'Bush Birthday bash

The Love

The Husband

The Flatmate

The Awesome Friends

The Lodger

I wasn't planning to do much on my actual birthday. I've got my heart set on a cheesecake and wine picnic in Hyde park once the weather decides to quit being a jerk. So I arranged a little get together at a local boozer, the Shepherds Bush Wetherspoons. Now it's not a great place, I'll admit. What it's got going for it is its cheap and that it's close to where I get off the train. Perfect.

It was a good little crew. Mary and Pete, my flatmate Wayland, our lodger Vance and my husband. The thing I like about the Wetherspoons is that you get people from all walks of life there. It's a real mixed bag and there was even a pigeon in there too! Hiding in the rafters, although he did manage to swoop down and steal a chip off a plate!

We also went from calling Wetherspoons, Old Spoony Love (Vance came up with that one) to just calling it The Love, which I think is pretty cool.

There was a bit of pre birthday celebrations the night before, the same crew was assembled at my flat to watch the final of the Apprentice. We had a bit of wine and some champagne! We got pretty rowdy, but that's what happens when it's the final of the Apprentice.

I also would like to say that I got some very nice gifts! Matthew gave me two books about camping in Europe, a cd, a tennis racket and balls, a lovely kitchy notepad, a dry measures cup and he sent me flowers at work. Mary and Pete gave me a lovely switch
and a great dvd that I've been meaning to watch The Darjeeling Limited. Very thoughtful, I will explain more about the switch reference in a separate post. Wayland gave me a lovely card and bought me a drink after I demanded he buy a birthday drink.

Vance has not come through yet, which is pretty bad form. I am letting the guy stay for free in my flat.....for the second time! Lets see if the lodger comes through, he usually isn't a DB but you never know.....Thanks to everyone, you're great friends!

Cheers to being another year older, it ain't so bad. I accomplished most of what I set out do to before I turned 31 so I am good to go. Here's to a great year!


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