Thursday, 25 June 2009

Random Masacara

retouched, originally uploaded by webwandering.

Now this is just a little post about putting mascara on whilst on public transport. I've been noticing it a lot lately. Ladies applying mascara while on a crowded bus or tube. What gets me is the amount of mascara they put on.

The other day I watched a girl on my bus put on mascara from the time I got on, at Adelaide Grove until Shepherds Bush Central line station. That's a long way, about seven minutes! It takes me under a minute to put on my mascara. I coat my lashes so they look dark, but I don't want spider lashes so I keep it to a coat and a half at most.

I wonder if I am just not putting enough on? Do they know something I don't about the proper application of mascara? I don't like putting make up on whilst on the public transport, maybe a bit of lip gloss or a quick powder. This mascara thing is just beyond me......


  1. I've noticed this too! I didn't know if I was just lazy, but I'm also a 'coat and a half' girl. I think spiders wouldn't suit me...

  2. you are not doing anything wrong! they are! and as you may have noticed, most girls don't know how to put mascara on in the first place...

  3. In my heart I know that a coat and a half is best :)

  4. I was also wondering how you got this photo of a girl on the tube doing her makeup without her thinking you;re weird! Or, is it a friend posing for you?

  5. It's amazing how they do it without coating their face or poking themselves in the eye with the brush. I often have trouble when I'm standing in front of the mirror!

  6. i have to admit now that yesterday i put on mascara on the bus, as I seemingly paniced when realising I hadn't any on. Why the panic? i don't know, but i did wait each time the bus stopped to put a coat on :P


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