Tuesday, 16 June 2009

at the drive-in

at the drive-in, originally uploaded by massdistraction.

I found this photo on my friend Sharyn's Flickr stream, she takes amazing photos! I usually have a look at her uploads a few times a week. She's a true cities girl and I like living vicariously through her images.

I found this one yesterday and I immediately felt home sick. I love the Cottage View drive in theater. Going to a drive in to me means it's the beginning of summer. The summer in Minnesota is hot, so it's nice to go to the drive in theater mid June. It's warm during the day, but it gets cool at night. There's just something about the drive in. They always say the movie starts at dusk and then you have to figure out exactly when it might start, when does it officially become dusk. So you get there early and wander around, see who's there. You go to the concessions stand and get some popcorn.
I have fond memories of going to the drive in as a teenager, it was such a simpler time back then.

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