Monday, 9 March 2009

My new retro style

I went and had my hair cut at Nina's Vintage Parlour on Saturday. I was thinking that I was going to grow my hair out a bit, but I was easily persuaded to have my hair cut like Marilyn Monroe. I mean who wouldn't?

The place was super cute and it was just like the photos. There was one other person there getting a fabulous beehive. I was in good hands and after my cut was done my stylist, Leila, did the amazing style. Which I will be able to recreate thanks to her very patiently showing me how to do it. I love it, it really did help to boost my spirits. There's nothing like a new haircut to make a girl feel cute again.

The beauty shop was located in the most amazing antiques mall (Alfie's Antique Mall). It was absolutely huge and full of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Four floors full of treasure and there was a great little cafe on the roof top. I would definitely recommend it. What a great place to have a cup of coffee! Sitting up in the sun with a building full of amazing bits and bobs bellow. I love London.

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