Friday, 27 March 2009

Free Refills

After I go to the gym I usually stop by Tesco and pick up something to make for lunch. Today as I walking in the store I noticed that they had a display of pop near the tills.

I never was a huge pop drinker in the States. I would have some if I was out at a restaurant or I'd grab a can here and there, but I never bought pop to have in the house. My favorite pop to drink out of a fountain is Diet Coke, but only from the fountain. It just doesn't taste the same from the plastic bottle or can. 

Anyways, I don't drink much pop at all here in London. Maybe one pop a month? For one thing Diet Coke here tastes like regular Coke. It doesn't have that snappy little diet taste at all. Also there's really no such thing as free refills here. At Nandos they have a fountain and you can serve yourself, but that's the only one I've seen. It's not like back in Minnesota, where I could sit at Currans and have like 9 Diet Cokes. 

Also, there isn't the variety of carbonated drinks like you would find at a gas station in the States. At a gas station here you are going to find Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta, and maybe Dr. Pepper. At some off licenses you'll get Cherry Coke, or even 7Up. I remember the amazement Matthew expressed the first time he encountered a cooler at the Super America.

I am going back to Minneapolis with Matthew in May and after seeing the pop on display in Tesco, it really got me craving a nice ice cold pop. Especially when someone will bring you a refill even before the glass is empty. Now that's the America I miss....


  1. You are such a Minnesota girl, "POP"!!! What a smile that put on my face :-)

  2. Hi there, stumbled on your blog from uk-yankee and just had to say that I love how you call it POP. I'm a Michigan girl myself and when I was previously living in London I called it pop all the time. Of course nobody ever know what I was talking about! :)


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