Thursday, 11 March 2010

Interview #1 Futureheads Recruitment

I've been putting off writing about this interview because it went pear shaped. You know when you meet someone and you just know that you're not going to get on? You feel a vibe, well I felt a vibe and lost my nerve. 

Before I go into interviews I like to sit down and prepare a list of objectives for the meeting. Key points to highlight, questions to ask the interviewer and I make a list to describe how I want to come across. On my list were the following words: capable, secure, confident, calm and enthusiastic. I probably didn't hit any of those on the list. 

I probably came across as incoherent and unfocused. Two things you don't want to project in an interview. The good thing was that it was an interview with a recruiter, so it was good practice. How likely is that recruiter going to want to find me a job? Not very, but there are loads of recruiters our there. 

The person was kind enough to give me some valuable feedback and I took all that they said on board. I went home and started writing out in a standard format the projects that I worked on. I've also been using a voice recorder on my iphone so I can practice answering questions. It's works really well.  I used to just talk in front of a mirror, but you can forget what you've said. Once you've recorded it to a standard that you like you can just listen to it. Trust me, I am taking steps to make sure there isn't a repeat performance. 

My digital pm mentor was super nice and sent me an email asking how it went and offered her words of wisdom after I told her. I am pretty darn lucky to have such a great mentor.

What can you do except learn from the situation and do better next time.

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