Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Do you need somebody to love?

I love talking to my friend Taylor on Skype. He's over in Japan teaching English and he's always got a funny story to tell, but I think he's a bit lonely. It's been a bit tricky for him finding fun ladies to hang out with. He's in a small farm town called Nitta. I told him that he's got to be in Tokyo, that's where the action is. I am sure he'd find some fun gals over there. 

I suggested that he try online dating. I am sure there are loads of ladies out there posting on Craigslist looking for a fun American guy to spend time with. Being the good friend that I am I went and had a look a myself. If you've got some time on your hands and enjoy reading funny personal ads on Craigslist this link is for you. Here were a few gems.

seek a funny, smiling, talkative man - 29

I lack excitement recently. I seek a man who stimulates and arouses me. only a man who can email and meet me constantly. I don’t like a freakish and whimsical man.
I look forward to talking with you! I am a 29year old, funny, smiling woman. 

Please be my friend (Tokyo)


The weather is not good here recently but if we have the sun in our heart, we will always be ok.
Could you be my sunshine?

I am SJF, in her early 40s, sincere, sweet, down-to-earth.
Looking for my best friend in Tokyo. If he were around my age and having a good heart as well as I do, it would be great.
I am not looking for any casual dating.

I am looking for someone I can talk to when I feel lonely and grow up together.
If we click, it would be great and fun to see where it takes us.

Serious reply only please.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day! 

Muse searching for a writer - 30 (Tokyo and the universe)

It is usually a writer searching for the source of inspiration but we don’t like stereotypes, do we?

So I would like to offer myself to be your muse for written forms, (for now being in a love-hate relationship with my job, as a part-time volunteer occupation but we can discuss possibility of full-time employment in the future).

I am not going to pose for a painting, too boring.

I can inspire several types of a literary work: we could date together into a screenplay for ‘Annie Hall’ – type of movie, do research for reportage on dealing with bore-out syndrom, or I could seduce you into a dense erotic poem. I even could inspire a self-help book but given my uniqueness, it wouldn’t sell to the ordinary audience. I am open for family saga, not too Strindbergesque though, or fairy tails but let’s not rush with writing a pre-nap, there is still a chance for a blind date horror. 

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  1. Cheers mate, they sound like some real dandies.


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