Sunday, 14 November 2010

A wet day in London

Today to me was a very typical cold wet rainy English day. For Matthew it was the perfect day to go for a walk. Now, I am all for a nice walk around a part of London I've never been before I just usually like to do it in better conditions. We live close to Dulwich village and I had just recently heard that it was a lovely place to visit.

When we left the flat it was just kind of spitting. Spitting rain is a term that I've become familiar with since living here and I like the way it sounds. It's not really raining, it's just spitting. We took off to the bus stop and the rain was spitting and we had hoped that it was just going to clear up. We didn't have umbrella's with us. I've managed to lose every single brolly that I've ever laid my hands on. Matthew was confident that it was going to clear up, so no bother.

West Dulwich is only a short bus ride away from Brixton. We were going on walk that was only about 2 miles, but the rain decided to start coming down properly. 

Now I hate being wet. I am not a big fan of voluntarily walking around in the rain at all. Matthew didn't seem to mind it, but my mood was turning rather sour. We walked through a lovely park and into the main village area hoping to find a good pub to duck into.

It would have been a lovely walk had it not been so wet. Luckily we came across a pub, the Crown and Greyhound and decided to take shelter there. 

I love love love pubs. This one was buzzing. It was like all of West Dulwich had come to this one pub for their Sunday lunch. It's a big pub, which is good, and it was full of people and dogs enjoying a hot roast dinner. 

I went for the roast chicken and it was fantastic, complete with Yorkshire pudding, carrots, parsnips, roast potatoes and cabbage. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. The sticky toffee pudding was ace! 

Sitting in that pub you didn't even feel like you were in London. You felt like you were in a country village and that's not a bad feeling on a Sunday. 

We decided to just head home after lunch, since it was still raining. That was fine with me, we'll be back to explore another day. I was happy to sit on the couch with a cup of English of me :)


  1. Hi Rhea,

    I enjoyed reading your post about a wet day in London. I’m a native Londoner living in California, and recently have been aching for a trip back to the old country. So it was particularly uplifting to read about an American transplanted to Big “L” and having a good time. I’ve been this side of the pond for 25 yrs and have been blessed with the opportunity to travel throughout the US on business from Anchorage to Miami and all points in between; including the Twin Cities. Besides family/friends, is there something you especially miss from this side?

    One idea that came to mind to explore the great old place is to watch some movies set in London, then checkout the real locations. One of the most famous in your part of town is the 1960’s movie Blow Up. A great rental for a night in with a Chinese takeout, then a good excuse to check out Maryon Park in Woolwich.

    Keith Howard
    (In a coffee shop with wifi on Haight Strreet, San Francisco, CA. Dec 14, 2010 5pm PT)


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