Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I wrote about my new neighbors a while back. We have the lady across the hall who used to like to come over whilst wearing a bathrobe with no sash and nothing underneath. She hasn't been coming over as often as she used to. The new thing is to just knock on the door and ask for a few pounds, which isn't too bad. She's happy with 3 pounds and then goes back to her flat. She's pretty harmless and friendly.

However we've got very loud neighbors downstairs. I wish it was a matter of them just playing their music loud, but it's not. They spend most of the time screaming at their two kids. They've got a boy who might just be in reception and a little girl who is maybe 3. There's also a dog that gets yelled at. 

I am not talking about once in a while a little bit of family shouting. These people yell at their kids in a really angry awful way that usually involves a lot of terrible profanities. During the week it's not so bad, but it goes on all weekend. They don't every really leave the flat either. 

Last Saturday it got really bad where there was the yelling and fighting between the man and woman, it escalated into them fighting outside in front of the flat and then yelling at a man on the street. I don't know how he fits into it, but it was pretty intense.

It's hard to try to ignore and I feel so bad for the kids who live there and feel helpless as to what to do. I usually don't hear the kids screaming or crying, just the adults. We were close to going down there and knocking on the door and asking them to keep it down, but when we saw how he kicked off with the random guy in the street we decided against it. They don't seem like the most reasonable of people.

I love our flat, but it makes living here unpleasant. I feel bad for the kids and like I should be doing something. At the moment it doesn't sound to be anything more than horrible verbal and emotional abuse and not physical. If I thought it was I would try to do something, call someone...

It's just such a sad thing. I've never experienced this before. In our last flat we got a bit of noise from the lady upstairs. Her bedroom was above my and she liked to watch EastEnders at 10 p.m. and of course I didn't mind that. I enjoyed listening to it as I fell asleep.

Has anyone else had to deal with something like this before? What did you do?


  1. In the US I think you'd be able to call the authorities on them for an obvious domestic disturbance, especially since it sounds like the kids are at risk. Do they have something equivocal in the UK? Poor youngins.

  2. There was that woman here in the UK that got prosecuted for having really loud orgasms!! If she can have that done to her then surely your crazed neighbours can be hit with something.

    You could try your local Environmental Health officer for advice.

    Get that sound recorder going now!!

  3. Thanks for your comments and support. I've decided to take action.


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