Thursday, 18 November 2010

My lovely work colleague Olly Moss

As I type this Olly is rocking out to Lady Gaga right across from me, we're super into the Gaga.

This is Wax's creative director, or creative genius as he likes to call himself. Since he's such a great guy to work with I let him get away it. I am really lucky to have met Olly he's a great chap to work with and a really nice and fun person. I took these photos earlier today for a blog post on our agency website. 

Olly demanded that I do an interview with him today to talk about all the amazing work that he's been doing lately and of course he wanted a photo shoot. When I asked him if I could post a photo up on my personal blog he said I could if put both up. What a character! When we're not working on creative goodness for our clients he loves playing poker, getting his look on and chatting noise with me and ladies he's single!


  1. Ha! You know it :) I was only going to put the one photo up,but he insisted on the second close up!


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