Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I have met some great people

It's kind of weird writing this post because I know one of the people I am going to write about reads this blog, but oh well.

I went out for a drink last Thursday night with a lovely gal called Mary. Mary was the study abroad coordinator for the University of Arts and I first "met" her in maybe April 2007? I first "met" her through emails when I just starting to get ready to go abroad. I then met her in person when I came to London in September 2007. Mary was there giving all us study abroad students all the information we needed and helping us to settle in. I remember meeting up with half way through the semester for a check in at Davies street and we shared a hot chocolate as I gave her an update as to how I was doing.

Mary was also kind enough to respond to my emails after I stayed on in London and had questions about looking for a job. I always thought that Mary Ivers was very cool, so I was really happy when I got an email from her. She told me that she happened to live in my neighborhood, read my blog and wanted to know if I fancied a drink? I thought that would be a lovely idea and so we met up last Thursday.

We met up in the Queen Adelaide and then I was invited back to her new flat to meet her boyfriend Pete and there other friends Shradda and Jamie. I will say that I had a great time, everyone was fun and cool and while I was walking home after it all I felt very happy that I had met such cool people. I liked them all.

I've been looking for some cool people here in London for a long time and I can't believe that they are right in Shepherds Bush!

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