Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Heart to heart before I start over

Dear Rhea,
Life is a voyage. This magnificent ship can sail anywhere or it can just sit. What it needs is a courageous captain willing to sail through any adversity. Keeping his sights on the prize, adventure, good harbors. But this only happens when one maps his course hopefully taking the risk to succeed. You can turn your ship into a rewarding cruise or just sit in the harbour and wish for far off shores and never getting there.
Love, Dad

This was the last birthday card that my dad gave me. He passed away two days before my 19th birthday, eleven years ago.

I sometimes wonder what my dad would think about my life and me living in London. I wonder what my dad was thinking when he sat down and wrote this card out to me. My dad was a very thoughtful kind of man and I miss him everyday. I think my dad would be proud of me and happy that I decided to take a risk and move to a new country.

I want more than anything to make my life a rewarding cruise and to make my dad and myself proud. I will never stop trying to live the best life I can, to always challenge myself and to never give up, no matter how hard things get. I love you, Dad and you are always in my heart. 


  1. What a fantastic card. Thanks for sharing with us. I think he'd be proud of you and your English adventure. It's certainly a voyage of discovery.

  2. Thank you. I think he would be very proud and I know he's always with me. He would have loved England :) Especially your pub in Chesham.


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