Wednesday, 11 August 2010

State Fair here I come!

Here's Taylor and me at the MN state fair back in 2008. We both look so young! I wasn't married yet and Taylor hadn't left to teach English in Japan. We were fresh out of university and ready to take the world by storm! 

A lot has happened since 2008 and let's just say that I am tickled pink to meeting back up with Taylor at the fair on the 26th of August. Taylor is home for a summer visit and we were keen coordinate our trips so we could go to the fair together. The funny thing was that Taylor hadn't even bothered to check the fair dates and he was going to be back to Japan before it even started! He came to his senses and changed his plane ticket :) 

I'll have to say that the last time at the fair was a bit of a whirlwind. Matthew and I arrived in Minneapolis and we went straight to the fair with Taylor that night. I usually don't like to arrive at the fair after 5 p.m. We were also dog tired after the flight and I spent too much time sitting on the bench resting my eyes instead of feeding my face. We didn't get enough eating in, which was sad. Matthew enjoyed it, but he's going to really enjoy this year!

I find this photo to be very telling. I have a special State Fair ritual that goes back many years. I like to start out by getting a chocolate milkshake in the dairy barn and then enjoy that whilst admiring the cows. It's how I start out every fair visit and I can't wait to do it this year. 

Even though we arrive on the 25th we've decided to go the following day for the reasons that Taylor so eloquently outlined in an email to me:

I say we hit up the State Fair on the 26th for three reasons:

1. It's the opening day so the bathroom facilities will be fresh.
2. It's Thrifty Thursday which means that admission is $9 instead of the normally exorbitant $11.
3. The streets and sidewalks will be at their cleanest - allowing for the smoothest and most obstacle-free motorized cart journey.

Oh yes, did I mention that we were going to be renting motorized carts??????

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