Friday, 6 August 2010

A big old update!!

I spend a lot of time thinking about blogging lately, but I've been a busy bee and a bit blog lazy. Then the longer it was since my last post the harder it was to write, because I felt like I had all these back posts to write. So I was over the moon when I saw on another blog a person in the same predicament and they did a nice little update post. I liked it so I am going to copy it. They did a nice little update post to catch themselves up after a period of blogging inactivity, so I am doing the same!

Moved to Brixton!

I love living in Brixton and being south of the river. Before we were living in a flat with another couple in Shepherds Bush. The reason for living with other people was that I was too cheap to want to pay London rent, which is very expensive. It wasn't a matter of not being able to, just that I couldn't come to terms with seeing that huge lump some going out every month for a place we didn't own.

After a while I came to terms with it and wanted us to live on our own. Our flatmates were good people to live with and it allowed us to save some money, but I wanted our own space. After a while I just felt like I was staying somewhere and I wanted to be a bit more settled. I also wanted to live in a different part of London. We had lived in Chiswick before and I was ready to live beyond West London. Shepherds Bush is an ok place to live, but it's not very exciting.

My mate Mary and her friend Sara moved to Brixton and since I knew a few other people who lived down that I way we followed suit. So happy we did. I really like it, in a lot of ways it reminds me of New York.

I also am in love with my flat! It's a nice two bedroom and it's got stairs! I've got an upstairs in my flat, that's just too cool. I am slowly getting it all decorated. I love that it's our place and did I mention I can see the pub from my kitchen window and that Mary lives just around the corner?

New job as a Social Media Strategist at WAX 

I've been with WAX since April and things are brilliant. It's a great team and I've got some fun and challenging projects to work on. I am producing a series of online fashion videos for Uniqlo, it's been really cool. We used Twitter to find people to star in the videos and it was the first time I've produced a live video. It's been great working with @ollyscope on the editing and graphics. It couldn't be better and I love Uniqlo as a brand so it makes it good fun. They will be released mid August. I've been also working on an account for Priemer Foods, which is great. Lets just say that I love going to work and since I get to work on social media strategy it's a dream come true :)

New role as the Who's Your Momma programme director for SheSays UK

I am super excited about this! She Says really helped me to find my feet when I was looking for my first job here in London. I had a great experience with my mentor and have a lot of love for this amazing network of women so I was very honored to be asked to take over as director of the Who's Your Momma mentorship programme. I am passionate about mentorship and networking so I am looking forward to helping others in the industry.

Alessandra Lariu one of the She Says Cofounders was featured in Fast Company! There are so many talented and creative woman that I've met through She Says, it's global so you should definitely check out if there's a group in your area or start one yourself!

Holiday to Minnesota and New York

Matthew and I are going to be in Minneapolis from the 25th of August until September 8th and then to NYC for four days before heading back to London. I can't wait to see everyone and eat some hot dish!

Back to Blogging
Now with this update post out of the way I am ready to get back to the blog!

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