Sunday, 15 August 2010

Nina's vintage hair parlour

I went to get my haircut on Saturday at Nina's vintage hair parlour. I was well due for a cut and decided to spice up my style. I am in the long boring process of growing my hair out and lately it's just been pulled back in "messy" bun. So I turned to a very stylish lady for my hair inspiration....Miss Bettie Page. Before I had the cut I deepened the color of my hair. I had it lightened for the summer and it was time to go back to my natural darker color. I went with a warm deep brown and not the full on black. I just can't get away with it being too dark.

I went to see Nina and she sorted me out. I love going to her salon, it's so lovely and vintage :) Just as I got there a woman was having her done up to look like an ice cream cone!

I'll post up some photos tomorrow, but I've got the full Bettie fringe and cut. I've still got some short mid layers that I need to grow out, but Nina thought it should only take about 4-5 months and then I'll be all set!

If anyone out there is after a vintage hair do, then you should definitely check it out. It's worth the money, Nina is wonderful and you'll look amazing. I am very happy with my new style :)


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