Tuesday, 30 November 2010

London post office woes

I used to love going to the post office when I lived in Minneapolis. I even didn't mind waiting in line if you can believe that! I also didn't have to go to the post office all that often because you can buy stamps right from and ATM/Cash point. Talk about convenience! Going to the post office usually meant I was posting a special package to someone and that was a fun thing to do.

I dread going to the post office in London. It's second on my list of things I dislike doing. Number one is hanging socks up to dry, but I am sure I've already done a post about that.

I have such good intentions for sending thoughtful little gifts and cards to my friends and family back home, it's just that 9 times out of 10 they end up sitting in my flat because I don't enjoy going to the post office. I also never seem to have the proper mailing supplies that I need. Back home I could just pop to Target to get any supplies I need or I used to wrap boxes in paper grocery bags, but we don't have them here.

What usually happens then is that I end up buying my packing supplies at the post office and packing them up there. This is also stressful, because there's usually no room to do this.This last time I went there I stocked up on these plastic envelope bags to have around the house. That way I just have to post and not pack at the office. I am slowly learning :)
Going to the post office to me means a long queue and stress. For some reason being at the post office seems to bring out the worst in people. Just today the woman in front of me at the service window was so rude to the person working there.  Once at the Shepherds Bush post office two men got into a fight in the queue and had to be taken out! 

The atmosphere is pretty morose. You don't see many smiles in the post office that's for sure. I've taken to wearing my ipod and listening to Enya when I go in there. I usually feel like I am fumbling around at the service counter, trying to be speedy when filling out my custom slips. I just feel so disorganized when I am there despite taking extra measure to be prepared. I feel like I am in the way and taking up too much room. The person behind the glass usually has a hard time hearing me and I end up repeating myself several times in my loud American voice. 

Just wanted to get this off my chest as I had to go there today and mail a bunch of Christmas cards to the States and I'll most likely have to make a few more trips this month.  


  1. Agreed! I mean, I didn't like the post office in the States either. But there's definitely something extra stressful about the post office in London--especially in December.


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