Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday night post

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what to write on my blog and zero time writing. I just haven't been in the mood, or I've gotten out of habit. I used to blog first thing in the morning when I wasn't working, but now that I am I just haven't found a good time to write. Oh the busy life in London.

I found out yesterday that my flatmate Wayland is going to be moving out in a month. That means we have to find someone to take his room. There's also the possibility that our landlord might want us to move out. This happened to a woman I used to work with at Candyspace. She told the landlord that the original person was moving out, but that they had found a suitable person to move. It didn't matter, the landlord wasn't having any of it and asked them all to leave. I wouldn't be too happy if Matthew and I had to move out. Although it might be nice to live in another part of London. Shepherds Bush isn't too bad a place to live. It's pretty central and Mary just lives up the road.

We'll find out tomorrow what the landlord has to say about it. There's no use getting worked up about it now.

Matthew and I had an amazing day yesterday in Brighton. We got super cheap (4 quid return for 2 tickets) through a special with Southern Trains. It was so nice and sunny yesterday. The nicest day we've had in weeks? It's been raining almost every day for what seems like forever. It doesn't rain all day, but it will rain usually and it's been pretty cool. I have been wearing a jacket to work, which seems so wrong for July!

The sun was out and it was a perfect day to be by the sea. I like Brighton, it's so happy and laid back. Matthew and I spent a couple hours laying on the beach and just listening to the waves. We had fish and chips near the carousel on the boardwalk. It was honestly a jolly day by the sea. We walked up and down the Brighton pier and played some games in the penny arcade.

We had a wander and then dinner before we were back to London. It was a bit crazy getting to Victoria. We discovered that the Victoria Line wasn't running once we got to Oxford Circus, which was not good. We then jumped out and decided to take the Bakerloo to the District Line to get to the station, all the while the clock was ticking. We got on the Bakerloo and it seemed like we were going to make it, until they announced that the train was being held. That's so annoying! Don't they care that we have a train to catch?

We ran to get the District Line and then ran through Victoria to get to the monitors only to discover that our train left 2 minutes ago. If that darn Bakerloo wasn't delayed. We decided to just get on the next train, which was a bit naughty. We had bought specific tickets to travel at specific times. No one came to check our tickets so we were fine, after a nice jog through the London Underground.

I have to say that Victoria station was so busy, the busiest I've ever seen it. I guess that's what happens when you live in a tourist city :)

As I am writing this post there are about a million things going through my mind. My room is a complete disaster, I've got laundry sitting in the washing machine needing to be hung up, four more loads to wash with no dryer, books that I need to read, papers to go through, mail to sort, plans to make, bills to pay, an exercise plan to create and then follow through, movies to watch, pod casts to get onto my ipod, emails to write to friends who probably think I don't like them anymore, an online test to take, a course to sign up for, a car to clean out, presents to mail out, thank you cards to write, toenails to paint,
websites to look at, industry magazines to read, networking to do, a music festival/camping trip to get ready for, a wedding trip to Germany to pack for, shoes to buy for the wedding, clothes to buy ( most of mine are stained), two mobile phones to charge, photos to tag, a book to write, buy notebooks and file folders for work............

Sigh :) Although I do feel better after making that list! Well, I think I am going to sign off for now.

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