Tuesday, 28 July 2009

washing up bowl rant

washing up bowl, originally uploaded by kejaba.

Can I just rant for a second?

I absolutely hate these washing up bowls! I don't understand why anyone uses them. They are so gross and nasty. I am writing this little rant because I just got done with doing the washing up at work. I came in to work today to find the washing up bowl in the sink full of stanky water and dirty dishes.

I personally never use one to wash dishes or as we say over here doing the washing up. I am one of those people that has to rinse the soap off the dishes. I don't understand why you would take a plate out of a plastic bin full of other dishes and then scrub it in a put in the drying rack.

Also why not just use the sink? Why not just fill the sink with water? Why put a plastic bowl in it? I don't know.... It just seem so unhygienic to have a plastic bowl sitting around wet. I think there are just some things I will never understand. Oh wait! There's one more thing. Rubber gloves. Now I know a lot of people wear rubber gloves to wash dishes in the states, but I would say that I have seen more people do it over here. I think it's very odd to put on rubber gloves to wash a glass or two.

Anyway, rant over back to work.

I feel so much better. Cheers guys.


  1. I still would refrain from throwing somebody else's washing bowl out of their first floor window...

  2. I was doing you a favor lady!


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