Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ring me

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My thoughts on phone calls.

I miss talking on the phone. I miss having people to call and people calling me. It is really a weird feeling to find that you have very few people that you need to call. I mainly call Matthew up during the day for a quick chat, probably more often than necessary.

I miss calling someone up while I am going somewhere. I miss the quick call to let a friend know that raspberries are on sale at the Wedge. I miss calling up my friends and telling them how much they mean to me. I miss getting that call for a last minute invite to go for a drink. I miss the voices of people who are happy to talk to me. I miss the calls that I would get on Saturday and or Sunday morning to plan going out for breakfast. I never thought it would something that I miss. It's something that I took for granted.

I haven't been very good about calling people here from England. Of course there's Skpye and I have set up phone dates in the past. It's just the lack of spontaneity or being able to speak to someone during the day. I got a thank you card in the mail yesterday from my friend Raya and I realized that we hadn't spoke since early May. I haven't spoken to anyone on the phone from the States since the last time I was home.

Anyway, that's my little rant. On the surface it might seem trivial. I can email people and instant message, yet it's not the same. I am also so tired of writing emails. I long for those quick chats during the day while I am running errands. For all those times I ignored calls and let them go to voicemail I am truly sorry.


  1. I could have written this post word for word. :-(

  2. A friend who struggled when she moved from one end of Britain to the other put it very well. She said

    "I don't have anyone who I phone when I have nothing to say."

  3. This really hit home for me. It's weird how sometimes you don't realize you're feeling something until someone else says it. I've actually got tears in my eyes.

  4. i understand perfectly how you feel. it's a sadness and helplessness I hate feeling. thank you for writing this.


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