Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pink is the Navy Blue of India.... Diana Vreeland

Lovely socks, originally uploaded by rheaj.

I saw this chap while I was waiting on the platform this morning for my train into work. I would have to say that the majority of men in London like to wear fun colorful socks with their suits and I absolutely love it. I will sometimes see a man on the tube dressed in a very expensive suit, with gold cuff links, designer watch and a gorgeously worn leather briefcase wearing the most fantastic bright stripey socks.

It's just that little bit of flair and it's not seen as weird or eccentric. I love English men and their festive socks.


  1. I love how you take photos of strangers without them noticing (I assume they dont notice?)!

    London is indeed cool like that. If suited men did that out here in the provinces they would be ridiculed!

  2. So if you're a suit-wearing man, and you want to stand out, be different, make a statement, shock a little, then you have to wear plain black socks these days?

  3. I am just reminded by the scene in the movie the Bird Cage, modern version with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane when they were trying to pass him off as a straight man. Things seemed to be going ok, until it was discovered that Nathan Lane's character was wearing pink socks! Implication being that no straight man would be caught dead wearing pink socks.... and since I have a little time on my hands this morning before I go out for my fry up I found this:

    "For whatever reason, I was reminded the other day of the scene in "The Birdcage" (The Robin Williams/Nathan Lane version) where Lane's character is dressing in a dark suit in order to "play it straight". Williams nods in approval, thinking his man has pulled it off until Lane crosses his legs to reveal bright pink socks, earning a pissy eye-roll from Mr. Williams. Great movie."

    American men (unless they work in a creative industry, but not always) fear the flamboyant sock.

  4. Hi-- Call me biased but I've noticed that British men have a natural "cool" when they put outfits together. No matter how strange the combo, it comes out quirky-cool. How do they manage to do that? Btw, can I add your blog to my blogroll? Glad I found it. :) Steph


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