Saturday, 9 May 2009

One year since my graduation

Today marks one year since I graduated from MCAD. I can't believe it. So much has happened and changed all in one year. My graduation from MCAD was one of the best days of my life. I loved that college and my time there. I made amazing friends and some incredible experiences.

Matthew came back to Minneapolis with me and I was so happy to have him there in audience. What happened after graduation is different than I ever imagined. Here's a brief list of what happened.

  • Graduated May 9, 2008 (Matthew's first trip to Minneapolis. I stayed for a month and Matthew stayed two weeks)
  • May - We got engaged!
  • June - After returning to London I go back to work at my two nanny jobs until the wedding in August.
  • June - We go to Barcelona for my birthday.
  • June - We host an engagement party to celebrate with Matthew's family.
  • June - I meet up with my dear friend Tracy in Venice.
  • August - Go to Las Vegas and get married on August 30, 2008
  • September - October - I stay in Minneapolis and wait for my spouse visa.
  • October - Head back to London with my visa on October 11th, 2008
  • October -Start applying for graduate schemes and looking for work.
  • October - I heard back from one graduate scheme and go for an interview with M&C Saatchi. I made it through to the first round of interviews. From 1700 people they selected 100 and then from there narrow it down to 4 people. I didn't make it past the first round.
  • November - Go to Minneapolis for a wedding and Thanksgiving (Matthew stays behind)
  • November - I open a bank account. I have to have an atm card for six months before I can get a debit card.
  • December - Return back in London on December 7th, 2008
  • December - Continue looking for work, going to interviews, facing loads of rejection and lots of stress about trying to get my foot in the door.
  • February - Continue going to interviews and contacting people.
  • January - I start driving around Shepherds Bush and feeling more confident behind the wheel.
  • January - Matthew and I drive around Scotland for a week after New Years.
  • March - Matthew gives me a trip to Madrid for Valentines day and we go for the weekend at the end of March.
  • March - Matthew has his graduation ceremony for his 2nd masters degree.
  • March - I go on my PRINCE 2 project management course and pass my certification.
  • March - Matthew and I sign up for a 10 week jive dance lesson course.
  • April - My friend Raya comes to London for a conference and stays with me after it's done. I take my first road trip without Matthew up to Leeds with Raya.
  • April - I apply to work at Pret a Manger, McDonalds and KFC and get turned down from all of them.
  • April - Mary Ivers (my study abroad coordinator from my time at the London College of Communication) emails me and it turns out we live super close to each other. We go for a drink and she's been my friend ever since. I've made my first English friend and she's awesome!
  • April - I get a great internship at Candyspace Media through a She Says network contact.
  • April -I have a meeting with a woman who is head of digital production at Rapier and she has offered a mentorship work experience.
  • May - I go to my first She Says event.
  • May - I get my National Insurance Number.

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