Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday Night

I've been reading over my past blog entries and they haven't been very cheerful. There have been some challenging times, but at the same time I've been learning a lot. Things are getting better. Every day is a new day and all that jazz.

It's Sunday night and I've been getting ready for the week. Actually I have a pretty busy week. I have a job interview tomorrow with the recruitment agency called Zebra People. That will hopefully be promising. I heard about them through a woman I met last year. My project management instructor Julie Dirksen was kind enough to put me in contact with one of her friends that she knew in London. I just ran across the business card that she gave me with some names of recruitment agencies and she had recommended Zebra People.

I am looking forward to that. I've decided to move my focus to finding a job doing what I was doing back at Popular Front and forget about advertising for the time being. All my experience lies within user experience so I guess it would make sense to look for a job in that field. I really enjoyed working at Popular Front, I wonder if I will be able to find a place like it in London.

The interview is at 3 p.m. and then later that night there is a knitting group that I am going to go to over in Notting Hill. I am also looking forward to that. Meeting some nice cool girls and having a pint while we knit. Hopefully it will be cool. My knitting is coming along. That's good.

Tuesday I am going to a day long workshop event hosted by Blue Skies. In addition to the workshops they are doing a creative showcase of 2008. Perhaps I will meet some people there, do a bit of networking. I am interested in seeing what kind of crowd it's going to draw.

Wednesday I am meeting with a business director at Lowe International for a bit of a chat. That meeting is courtesy of William Humphrey. I've mentioned him before, very helpful. I am really looking forward to meeting some professional women in London and hearing about their experiences.

Thursday I meeting for coffee with a woman who works in the publishing industry. This was arranged through Tracy Downing's call FB call for help. One of her friends said they had a contact in London and I am going to meet her. Looking forward to that as well. I am very curious about the publishing industry.

Good things are happening. I am feeling very lucky to have had the help of good friends and colleagues in Minnesota. I am so thankful for the support and kindness that people have shown. I am so determined to get a job!

Here's to a good week and more positive blog posts.

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