Monday, 19 January 2009

Meeting New People

I have been meeting some new people lately. I met three nice blokes from the Ad Grads group and through Twitter. All very different people, two English and one American. I met a girl who is from Sweden, has lived all over the world and who went to Macalester college in St. Paul. My friend Tracy actually hooked that one up and I am very grateful. Tracy put out a call for help on Facebook asking for contacts for me in London.

I met up with a woman from the American Expat group. She sent me an email a few weeks ago. She's from Minnesota, and we got together for a drink. That was nice, she got married to an English man at the Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis. Matthew and I were considering getting married there, so we had that to talk about. I like hearing about people's stories of how the came to be living in London, especially how they found their jobs.

The one thing about meeting people and trying to make friends when you are older is that is feels a lot like dating in a way. Thankfully I don't get nervous about meeting new people, in fact I really like it. It's just what happens next is what gets confusing. How often do you contact that person if you happened to like them and want to hang out again? That kind of thing. Especially in a big city. I was talking to my friend Molly, who lived in New York, and she was able to sympathize. In a big city if you met up with someone and you don't like them or they don't like you it's fine because you never have to see them again. It's likely that you won't ever see them again. Which I guess has its good points. As compared with Minneapolis, where I see the same people at certain bars or coffee shops.

It's also stressful because I miss having my group of friends and being social that I have the feeling that I might be coming on a bit strong and radiating that I am so lonely please be my best friend and don't ever leave me vibe..... which is never good. The good thing is that with so many people in London you've got lots of options, although you've got to make a lot of effort.

I took up knitting just recently as a way to do something crafty and to meet people. I went for a class at a really cool shop called Prick Your Finger. There were only three of us in the class and I just fell in love with the guy and girl. He was from Chicago and she was from London and they were just lovely and I felt like throwing my arms around them and inviting them over for a sleep over party. I was like, wow these are great people we should be friends.... but I didn't quite now how to put that into words...

If you read this Chad and Michele please email me and lets go for a pint and knit :)

In a lot of ways I feel like when you are a kid at a new school. That's always fun.......

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