Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy Weekend

It's always nice when the weather is nice in London and then I find out through FB that weather is also nice in Minneapolis. I had a really nice weekend that started out on the right foot on Friday. I went for an interview that I felt really good about. I enjoyed the people that I met and the role was what I was looking for. Most importantly I felt a connection with the interviewer. We will see what happens. They were going to see a few more people and I should be hearing back something today. 

After the interview I walked into Clerkenwell to meet Mary and a few of her colleagues for a bit of wine. The weather was nice and we were able to sit outside. It was a fun time and I was sad to leave when I did, but Matthew was locked out of the flat. I met Matthew at the Queen Adelaide for dinner, where he was patiently waiting for me. He had a book a pint to keep him company. That was nice as well. They do a good burger and hand cut chips at the Adelaid.

On Saturday I went to a workshop called facilitating fresh thinking, run by Rebecca Mackenzie. The workshop taught us how to run brainstorming sessions. It was a fantastic workshop. There were five us of there, two people I knew from the presentation workshop last year.

We went through exercises and games and then Rebecca led us through a brainstorming session. It was so much fun. We had to come up with campaign ideas for a brand called Bovril. I must say that we came up with lots of great ideas. Later in the afternoon we broke up into two groups and ran our own sessions while Rebecca coached us through it. I met some lovely people and learned some great techniques. 

Matthew and I didn't do much on Saturday night. I was pretty worn out from the day's workshop, it went from 10:30-5p.m., so I actually feel asleep around 8 o'clock. Matthew was busy working on a piece of course work that had to be handed in on Sunday so he was fine with that. 

Sunday the sun was out as well. Matthew and I drove up to North London to look at a few areas we might want to live. I can't say enough how excited I am to be moving in June and to be living on our own.  These last two months are going to fly and then we'll be somewhere new. Can't wait. 
When we got back to the flat we both had some work to do so we sat together and worked on our laptops while Come Dine With Me was on in the background. What a nerdy couple we are. 

I am looking forward to this week. I should be hearing back from my interviews, I've got to line up some more and just keep the search moving forward.  Here's to a good week!

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