Thursday, 28 January 2010

I heart FB

The other day I was looking at my friend Jessica Ibarra's profile. She had recently been on the local news in Minnesota chatting about the iPad.

I noticed that she had a comment from a guy called Shawn Bartle. Now that name was familiar to me because the first person I ever kissed was called Shawn Bartle.

So, I send Shawn an email to find out if he was the same Shawn from West Saint Paul. Turns out it was him.
Yes I had my first smooch in West Saint Paul, in tree house to the sound track of Faith No More.

Anyway, I also send Jessica an FB email asking her how she knows him. Turns out it's an ex and they went out for four years! How crazy is that!

That's what I love about Facebook. People from your past just don't go away. You might be hanging out with your friends and recall someone from when you were in kindergarten and then find them on FB. I will say that unless it's a person that I really think might want to connect with me I don't add them as a friend. You have to draw the line somewhere.

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