Sunday, 14 June 2009

Drinks in the Bush

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I met up with my friend Mary after work last week at one of our locals, the Defectors Weld. It's a good pub, that tends to get a bit rammed on Friday and Saturday night, but if you get in early during the week it can be pretty lovely.

It was also a very nice surprise to walk in the pub and see a drink waiting for me at the table. What a nice thing to do, eh? To have a nice cocktail ready to go. Very thoughtful.

I have to say I feel pretty lucky to have friends who live in my neighborhood. London being the big city that it is makes it a bit difficult if you want to see someone during the week. You've always got to make sure that you can get back by tube, which closes at midnight. Unless you don't mind taking several buses to get back. You've got to weigh what the journey home is going to be like against how badly you want to see the person.

Thankfully we both just live off the same road, with just a few streets between us!

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  1. Lovely post and gorgeous photo! Those drinks look perfect after a day at work...


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