Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Craft Fields

My friend Monika has been working super hard to launch a website called Craft Fields and it has just gone live this month. 

Monika is passionate about helping Lithuanian designers/crafters promote themselves and sell their creations so she and team of three other people set up the website/social hub to do just that.

The site also has a blog which you should definitely have a look at. There will be more and more designers/crafters who will be selling on the site, so you should check back often.

It's a really exciting project and I think it's really amazing that Monika and her team want to share what's unique about her country with the world.

I had the chance to go with her to Lithuania, where's she from, at the end of August and I loved it. It was a beautiful country and had a really cool vibe. The countryside reminded me a lot of Minnesota and we managed to visit several places over the long weekend.

This is how she explains what Craft Fields on the site:

We're a social hub and marketplace for Lithuanian craft makers – artists, designers, carpenters, painters, writers, musicians. We started as a startup and are a joint team of passionate social entrepreneurs spread across Europe.

We believe in the ability of communities to nurture creativity and originality.

We'll tell stories about our crafters working hard to create different and unique experiences through their products. You'll have the opportunity to embrace craft work in various ways: sharing, buying, giving opinions, telling your stories.

Here is a sample of what's currently for sale on the website.

Be sure to Like Craft Fields on Facebook and to Tweet with them on Twitter!

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