Friday, 12 March 2010

Interview #2 Harvest Digital

I  just got a call from the woman that I was supposed to be interviewed by this morning letting me know that they already found someone for the role. It's a bit of a bummer, but these things happen. She was very nice about it on the phone. It was a role that I was really interested in, but all things happen for a reason.

On the upside, I spent a great deal of time preparing for this interview. That will serve me well for the three interviews I have next week. You can never spend too much time preparing as I like to say.

I found out about this job through the She Says Facebook group. A current Harvester was advertising a job, which led me their website where I discovered the role that sounded perfect for me. They still have a few roles going for anyone interested have a look here.

Also it's Friday and I've got the entire day ahead of me. I will be meeting up with a fellow American for a coffee this afternoon. I am excited about that. Audrey found me on Facebook through an Expat group a few months back and now we're going to meet.

To all those out there looking for their next job best of luck.


  1. Ooh, what facebook expat group? Can you send me the info?

  2. Best of luck finding a new job! It's not an easy market out there, but it seems you are having much more luck in London than I am in Dublin!


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