Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Egg bacon chips and beans

The other day I got a FB message from one of my old professors at MCAD. A swell chap called Phil Anderson. I have to say that MCAD is a very special place and it means a lot to me that my professors still keep in contact. 

So, in the email Phil alerts me to a blog dedicated to the English fry up. How great is that? Have a look at it and see for yourself the wonders of what the English like to eat for breakfast. I will admit I do fancy a good fry up now and then, but my heart will stay forever true to the Sunny Side and the Triple Rock. 

On a side note if anyone is ever in Shepherds Bush there's a great cafe on the Uxbridge Road called the Harp. Real old school. Run by the poshest man you'll ever meet. I think I'll treat myself to a fry up this week and I'll post up a photo.

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